I belong to me

I belong to me

The shedding of layers and exposing ones skin is a part of reclaiming oneself. No more suffocation! No more being what anybody else thinks you should be. Undo the masks, shed the layers, get comfortable in your own skin. Claim yourself!

9/21/14 Author’s Update: I had been expressing for a few years to my partners that I felt a desire to shed my skin publicly, to just be completely naked and at one with the world around me. Unfortunately, those attempts always turned sexual (great in themselves, but not meeting my desired purpose) and I didn’t get what I needed until this day in July. I was creating food/body art using my lovely friend’s naked body that day. Her ease and playfulness during the creation and photo session allowed me the freedom and brevity to finally do what I wanted to do; to freely and openly expose and reclaim my body just for me 🙂

Photo Credit: Toree Love of 7 Lotus School of Healing Arts (http://7lotusacrobaticarts.com/bio.html)


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