What was it?

At the edge of trees and bushes from where I was just taking photos, I heard crunching. At first I thought it was birds rustling about, but then I heard a few footsteps. I listened closely and determined that it sounded more four-legged than two.

I got excited as I thought this would be good practice for when I’m out camping alone. I took a couple of small steps close and leaned my head for a closer look and hear. Was it a fox, a cayote, a deer perhaps? What would I do if it were an angry skunk?

Then I remembered Sifu’s story of a big cat on his property, just a few yards away from where I stood. I had no weapon on my body at the moment and pondered getting one from the car, just in case. But alas, I decided I didn’t really want to test myself that much yet and went into the car to head to the farm.


This photo I took of a tree with lichen looks like an interpretive dancer dressed as a cheetah ready to throw its long limbs at its prey. Perhaps it was this creature lurking about in the woods?




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