Today’s Qigong in Sifu’s class after an hour of working out started off much better than my first time on Wednesday. I was able to sink into a good position, control my breathing better, and direct my thoughts. My body and mind were in a good place. When I did find myself wandering in thought, I would go back to focusing on my breathing and able to make the adjustments.

I did notice that sometimes when I do the belly breathing, my ab muscles move as if I am doing that breathing when in actuality I have held my breath in my chest. Interestingly enough, I noticed it because my chest area was tense while the rest of me was relaxed.

At 6:15 am, my phone alarm went off in the locker causing a very loud disturbance. I pondered letting it go and working on focusing through it, but it wasn’t an exercise the others signed up for. I quickly went to turn it off and found myself get nauseous from having made the stark transition from tranquil and still to moving fast.

I went back into my previous position and found it a challenge. I could no longer find that same easy spot I was able to get to previously. I had filled with guilt from the alarm disturbing the rest of class. I went to focus on my breathing.

A couple of minutes later, I realized that my body was experiencing the possible effects of that guilt. My right knee started hurting, my left foot was heavy, and I just could not get my relaxed breathing back. When it was time to open our eyes, I saw myself in the mirror. My body had turned itself to the left quite a bit.

I was just wondering on the way to class this morning why my various body aches and pains still occur sometimes in spite of all of the extra body work I have. I am realizing now that perhaps part of the answer lies in what I hold in my mind and heart. I have always known our emotions and thoughts affect our bodies, but this little “accident” really honed that in for me.

So much more to learn…


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