Independence Day – Personal Freedom, Sexuality, and Community

In celebration of Fourth of July in America, my friend and I went to a nude beach to express true independence – the freedom of your mind. This search for personal freedom will eventually include your sexuality as it is the very essence of your life and how it came to be. To the extent that you are not enforcing your own beliefs on others, be open to exploring and expressing it. It is a very natural and beautiful thing.

A note on Photography: I only recently decided to take my photography seriously after a friend loaned to me (indefinitely) his Canon OES Rebel. This is my first nude session using this camera; the previous one had been with my Android camera phone (which came out fairly decent). Two of the photos here are actually a photo of the original photo as they appear on my computer screen because I am not ready yet to publicly show vivid nudity of my subjects. The originals of these two and the others that I took came out amazing and taking them were great practice for the artistic nude work I plan on doing with various mediums. Stay tuned.

A note on Community: To my friends who allow me the use of equipment and body, I am grateful. The kinds of relationships we have in the community we belong to is one where we are honest, open, trustworthy, and caring of ourselves, each other, and our world. We engage with purpose to help heal and grow. We conscientiously strive to be equal contributors in our relationships so as to not take advantage of each other. Where we see a need or talent in others who are willing to work hard, we help to build each other without trying to coerce our own needs and agendas.



5 thoughts on “Independence Day – Personal Freedom, Sexuality, and Community

  1. Love this piece too! I often contemplate how the world at large and the majority of domestic relationships are horrible, and that if we opened and freed our limiting beliefs to concepts such as this we’d be god like happy on earth. Sexuality is the most powerful and beautiful human experience, and love heals! Great insights 🙂

    1. If we free our minds from the bondage of “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts,” we give ourselves the freedom to explore, discover, and express what we truly want for ourselves; so long as we don’t hurt and infringe upon others during our journey and are responsible in our actions.

      Self-love heals. The love we give others and the love others choose to give us are wonderful all on their own. But if we are to heal any wound, it truly has to come from within. Sex and sexuality can indeed be beautiful, but many confuse it with love and it all gets warped. Intimacy, however, now that’s a whole other amazing story!

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