Flowing With the Energy

I woke up this morning with a dream of an article to write. Not so much a dream, but “seeing” the strong connection between the jumping-over-the-bench station in Sifu’s class and my life outside of the gym. With a gimpy back, this workout station was a huge challenge for me from the very beginning. Toward the end of my first Sifu Challenge (a boot-camp type workout conducted by Sifu Martin Ferreira in San Diego, CA) almost three years ago, Sifu had lined up the three benches to be simultaneously jumped over. I was terrified that day!


I set about my day to write on this experience and try to photograph an image that matched what I had seen in my mind. But alas, the energy of my photography session did not match what I saw nor did the words I tried to compose in my head.

I allowed myself to feel a little pressure from my ineptitude in light of my recent proclamations of being an artist and making plans for my first public art display. Over the next couple of hours cooking in the kitchen, I am reminded that art is energy. Much like love, it flows where it wants to go; pausing, staying, lingering, and then leaves when it feels like it. One cannot force it to be. One simply sits and waits and looks for it and feels for it. When it is there, then we can live in it and create with it, for the moments that it decides to stay.

As I close this writing, I laugh at myself realizing I had created today anyway; it was just in the kitchen instead. Funnier yet is the fact that the lesson learned from the bench station that I wanted to share was about how I conquered my fears and physical disability by not directly attacking it. You see, that’s what happens when you don’t try to force things and instead go with the flow of the energy present. Sometimes, you get what you want after all. The universe just packages it differently!

That bench and I are now good friends 🙂 Sifu simply helped to develop in me the skills and strengths I needed (mental, physical, and spiritual) to conquer it.




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