My Thighs Clap!

There is a Facebook ad going around about getting thighs as skinny as Jennifer Aniston’s. Friends, this is DANGEROUS to the mind and body!

First of all, throw out “diet” from your life. Eating and physical activities are about your lifestyle choices. It is not something you finish in 12 weeks, 6 months, or a year. It is about making choices each and every day for the rest of your life! Eat to feed your body, not your emotions.

Now, exercise to make and keep your body strong and functional AND to nurture your emotions. Exercise has been repeatedly proven to improve moods. It has certainly helped with mine and I have gotten so much stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally since I have incorporated various forms of physical activities into my life.

As for those skinny thighs, I have not had them since I hit puberty when I was 12. Reading magazines that told me they were not supposed to touch made me start to think something was wrong with my body. It was such a big lie and a terrible thing to tell a developing mind!

I am so proud to tell you today that my thighs clap. They clap happily from muscular development and are functional as all hell 😉 Function and strength, my friends. Function and strength!



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