I Am Nature

As I sit here, on a rock shaded by a dry Manzanita tree,

I touch its rough skin,

inhaling the memory of its striations through my nostrils.


The breeze gently blows periodically,

making a few dry leaves fall around me.


I am tempted to take a photo or sketch what I see

to share with the world when I return from my meditation.


I don’t.


I simply breathe it all in

allowing it to become part of my own being,

its beauty and wonder securely instilled in me now.


In this way, I can breathe it with each encounter,

dance in the wind as the leaves do.

I can be beauty like the clear, blue sky above me;

be strength like the cool, hard rock I sit on.

I can be comfort like the shade that protects me.


In this way, I am nature.


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