Do You Know?

I wonder…

How do we know what our gender is? Male? Female? Other? Have you braved the path of thinking/considering the question or have you, like many of us, simply accepted our “default” based upon what our body is made of and what society has told us we are supposed to be?

I wonder…

If our spirits even have genders. If we are energy, before, during, and after this “life,” does its gender remain the same? Does it change?

Are these labels on our genders even valid? Man made those labels in the name of science, society, and classifications.

We are much more than that, I think. I think there is something else, but I don’t have the answers; just a feeling…



4 thoughts on “Do You Know?

    1. Fabulous! I am happy for you that you have such clarity. I don’t know that I’m so much “confused” or unsure, as I am being open to any other possibilities of what else I could be. I have realized in my journey these past few years that I had been buried under layers of various conditionings. Just trying to see clearly now and enjoying my quest to search and also just be 🙂

  1. Thank you. I truly appreciate that. I share because I figure there’s at least one other person out there that feels/things similarly. The hope is to encourage the search for one’s personal freedom in the many forms it comes in and inform others of our humanity. With that, hopefully we will all treat each other better.

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