Tabbouleh with Homemade Farmer’s Cheese (from goat milk)


My friend, Martin Ferreira, is a self-sufficiency expert. His most-recent adventures have branched into making homemade farmer’s cheese with milk freshly pulled from one of his mama goats. I am fortunate enough to be able to play with his new, delicious farm creation 🙂

With a heat wave in San Diego  throwing us into 100+ degree temps, I decided to make a cool, refreshing tabbouleh. I had never made it before, but have eaten this tasty treat many times and I felt brave! Here’s how it went…

Chop up some Parsley, Garlic clove, Cucumbers, and Tomatoes.  Toss with some Lemon juice, Olive oil, and Pink Himalayan sea salt. I haven’t given you measurements, because you get to play and decide how much you want. Bonus points for each one of these ingredients being full of amazing vitamins, nutrients, and minerals! Google it 🙂

You can stop here now and eat this after chilling in the fridge (the dish chills in the fridge, not you – although that was tempting also with this heat!) and it would be perfectly delish and refreshing. Or you could go the extra mile like I did and add some grains to make it more filling.

For the grains, I used Trader Joe’s Harvest Grains blend. It has Israeli-style couscous, Orzo, Baby Gardonzo beans, and Red quinoa (again, full of good things our bodies need). Cook as instructed, transfer to a metal or glass bowl, then cool in the fridge or freezer. If putting in the freezer like I did, make sure to set the timer for every 15 minutes or so to mix and check on it until fully chilled. (Chilling the grains is important so you don’t cook the other mixture when you combine them together.)

Once the grains are cooled, add some Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, and Pink Himalayan sea salt. Again, you get to decide how much you want. Combine it with the first mixture.

Top with delicious, fresh farmer’s cheese. Don’t have any? Store-bought cheese will do also. Enjoy and stay cool 🙂

Pop Quiz! Can you tell which mama goat got milked for this recipe?


Here’s a photo of the cute babies!



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