Just in Case

Just in case

today is your last day on this side…

feel the drizzle of rain kiss your face,

hear the music in people’s voices,

get lost in the energy around you.

Even if for just a moment.


3 thoughts on “Just in Case

  1. Author’s comments: This was inspired by a personal challenge I have been dealing with for a few months. I was dreading the continuity of the situation yesterday when it started to rain. It got me thinking about a friend who used to say to his students when they would act up, “Is that REALLY the purpose of your life right now?”

    We all go through struggles; some don’t have immediate resolutions. It is truly the attitude and our energies we choose to bring to it that determines how we will handle it. After I was inspired to write these thoughts, I began to feel my spirit lift and was actually able to make some positive direction to my challenging situation.

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