Sushi Anyone?


I have been preparing for my first art wall display at a local burger joint these past couple of months and finally got it “ready” this weekend. What an emotional process that was! (More on that another time.) Last night, I decompressed by playing with my new watercolor pencils. I found myself humming and relaxing with each stroke. Applying the different wet brushes and using various techniques to get the paint wet was akin to playing in the rain and jumping in and out of puddles. What fun!

On this piece, there was no goal of an object or scene; just playing with textures, shades, and color combinations. It was when I finished that I started to see items that reminded me of a sushi plate. People think that art is reserved for the artists and that it’s hard. Here’s a secret… it’s not! There are definitely things to learn, but just like anything else, if you take time to play and practice, you’ll get better!

Let’s play and tell me what do you see in my watercolor…

PS – Here’s a sneak peak of my photography display 🙂



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