A Milkweed’s Story… An Example of Self-Sufficiency

Milkweed G-1 9.16.2012

First purchased from City Farmers Nursery in Sep 2012 for about ten bucks, this one plant has seen many faces and places. Planted in my plot at the Tierrasanta Community Garden, it quickly attracted many pollinators as well as caterpillars which eventually turned into beautiful Monarch butterflies.

Milkweed G-1 01.19.2014 Milkweed G-1 12.26.2013 Monarch

Its first seedlings were shared with community garden friends and also planted in the garden’s perimeters to further attract pollinators.

Milkweed G2 01.19.2014

The third generation of plants were given to various garden families when I closed my plot in January. One of those homes was the Ferreira Farm. In this environment, that one plant has blossomed, seeded, and generated numerous seedlings.

Milkweed G-4 10.08.2014 going to City Farmers (1) Milkweed G-4 10.08.2014 going to friends IMG_3299

Today, some of Generation Four of this milkweed family was traded to back to City Farmers and is going to other friends.

Here is just a small example of how a tiny ten dollar investment can have endless possibilities. Not only does it increase your self-sufficiency, it also helps with our environment, other people and businesses, and one’s spirit. What a great ripple effect!


One thought on “A Milkweed’s Story… An Example of Self-Sufficiency

  1. A comment on my Facebook post of this article: “The interesting thing is the milkweed also represents how we have numerous gifts inside us (seeds) that when acknowledged, tended to and cared for bring forth more of the same. Not only is there enough to sustain us, there is enough to sustain others and help them through their journey! What a great article Aimee Vaughn Cabrera!”

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