The Beauty of Death

Do not make for me a funeral

when my energies have left the body.

That would make me sad.

Instead, continue to live your lives in wonderment,

beauty, and in a never-ending experience of life.

Pause and think of me on occasion

when you plant a seed, teach a child, or help another.


The purpose of life is to live, experience, and learn, according to my friend, Sifu Martin Ferreira. The other side of life is death. The beauty of it is that they go together; you cannot have one without the other.

When death takes our bodies, I believe we continue. Much like these sunflowers, we still have purpose. We remain a part of the energies of the universe.


4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Death

      1. you seem to be a philosopher, and you are completely right. Death is always put aside in our society and there is nothing more sure in this world than that we will die some day.

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