In his book “Freedom: The Courage to Be Yourself,” Osho discussed how we lose freedoms with each choice we make. I thought this extreme at first, but I am starting to see how it could be true.

Whichever options in our lives we choose, we lose the freedom to pursue the other; at that moment anyway.

This hit home for me yesterday when I went on a hike. Barely another soul was present and I was reminded of how much I love solitude with nature. With all of the extra work I had been doing these recent months to put the art show together, I hadn’t made much time connect with nature.

This is dangerous for me, as that connection is critical to my well-being. But so is pursuing things that contribute to my goals of self-sufficiency and personal freedom.

So how does one choose when both options are desirable? Well, only you can decide that for yourself. What I can say though is to breathe and fully enjoy whichever path you choose. After all, they all still lead to you 🙂



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