Totally laughing my ass off at myself on the way home last night!!! I had been in a funk for about a month now and had not been able to shake it off. Stressing about all sorts of things and driving myself up the wall sometimes!

My thought progression last night…

Huh, just noticed that the credit card company increased my limit for the second time this year. They must really miss my old spending habits!

I paid off my car a few months ago. Where did I put that extra money? Oh yeah, the credit card and taxes and art stuffs…

What about retirement? In comparison to so-and-so, I’m going to be poor as fuck and not able to afford being sick for 20 years after I “retire.” Where DID all my money go? Oh yeah, two amazing kids 🙂

Well look, am I really meant to live until I’m 85 years old anyway? Whoooooo knows?

What if I die tomorrow…

What if I die right now… (slowly glances around to check)

Then I won’t have those things I was stressing about.

Soooo, what shall I do and think about now?

Laugh, laugh, laugh… and away the endless giggles went for the rest of the ride home 🙂 🙂 🙂


Plan for your shit and then let it do its thing. It either works out or doesn’t. In the meanwhile, LIVE LIFE!

IMG_2063Author’s Note: Check out my friend’s goat, May. Isn’t she looking at us like she’s asking, “What? You’re stressing about that? You silly animal!”


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