A Sexy Kale

Remember the days when we used to pick berries by the side of the road? I sure do! Having spent part of my childhood in the hills of eastern Tennessee, blackberries were plentiful during the warm, summer months. Fresh and sweet, plump and warm from the sun. Ahhhh… Those are some of my fondest memories; being young of spirit and freely roaming around. (Actually, that’s still much of how I am today 🙂 )

The ones in my photos were not freshly foraged from the thorny bushes on the ground, but they will have to do for tonight. I had purchased the berries to eat with my cereal and the kale just because my body was craving it. I got hungry as I was putting things away in the kitchen and started noshing on these. Separately at first and then together. Turns out they are actually a delectable combination!

The sweetness of the blueberries compliments the slight bitterness of the kale. The vitamin C in the raspberries will help my body absorb more of the iron in the kale. And those blackberries, well honestly, I just wanted something big and juicy bursting in my mouth 😉 Go ahead and grab yourselves a handful. Or two!



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