Just Be You

I had the good fortune of spending a day in the mountains yesterday to enjoy a very rare sighting – SNOW in San Diego! What started as a snow day turned into one full of insightful moments for me…

I tagged along with my friends as we braved the typical beach crowds heading to our various mountain communities and icy road conditions to enjoy a fun outing with families and friends. Once there, I quickly found myself exploring my environment by myself. I walked around slowly and heard the crunch of the snow under my feet, the rare sound of a bird rustling about, and the soft dripping of water and snow already slowly falling from the branches. It was quiet there and I found it rather rejuvenating for my very active yet serene spirit.

It was lovely to be out on my own, but also to be with friends who were not demanding of attention from me. They allowed me to roam and explore, secure enough in themselves that we didn’t need to be with each other or account for each moment. I find these kinds of friendships to be so important to my life philosophies regarding personal freedoms wherein each person allows themselves the freedom to choose who they want to be or what they want to do during each moment of their lives.

Connected to those freedoms are my views on sexuality and gender. These recent years have taught me to be more open-minded and accepting of myself and others. I will tell you that I have always been a tomboy; running around the hills of Tennessee, climbing boulders and hooking my own fishing worms, playing and talking sports with guys. Rarely was I interested in playing with dolls, dressing up, or wearing make-up.

Does that mean I am a boy inside or that I am a lesbian? No. It means I am my own unique self. No labels are needed.

There are many of us who feel differently than the roles or labels we were given or born with and struggle to determine for ourselves who we want to be at any given moment. Life is harsh and each individual’s journey is unique and different from any other’s. Let’s not unnecessarily make it harder than it needs to be. Let’s allow each other the freedom to choose who we want to be and how we want to spend our lives.

That’s the core of personal freedom, friends. As long as we don’t impose our will upon others, we can do and be anything we want. As for me, I choose to live my life to the fullest each moment I get to have and laugh my ass off along the way 🙂





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