Nudity and Consciousness

I laughed at myself at the farm yesterday as I changed my clothes by my car, forgetting I had foregone a bra that morning, and almost took my top off in “public.” The public at that moment being the trees surrounding me and the random bird flying above. We’ll thank my closeness to nature and an almost full moon for my unconscious moment of being natural.

As I think back to that quick second where my skin was exposed to a cooling air and the setting sun, feeling the rejuvenating freshness of the moment, I wonder why it is that women in this country are still not allowed to go topless like men. Why is it that I have to go to a nude beach or a desolate desert in order to feel the sun on my bare bottom and its warmth on my nipples? Why is it that I am made to feel I would be responsible for anybody’s reactions to seeing my body?

At this stage of our collective consciousness, I propose that women not only have absolute right to bare our bodies publicly should we choose to, but that the people seeing them are capable of considering women to not be mere objects of sexual pleasure. And if we do have such a reaction, that we are capable of not pursuing it without mutual consent.

I dare challenge everybody to rise to this level of consciousness 🙂

04 Sexy hairNOT showing the boobs 🙂

08 SideOh no, a nipple within the ripples of the tides! What will happen to the world now?

I jest for a moment, but this is actually a truly serious subject. How we view ourselves as human beings dictates how we treat each other. Let’s rise above the objectification of people (both men and women) and see ourselves for  the beautiful spirits we truly are. Regardless of our bodies.


One thought on “Nudity and Consciousness

  1. A comment from a very wise 15-year old cousin of mine in the Facebook conversation of this topic… “I think that women should be allowed topless in the same places men can be because it’s unequal to allow one gender to do something and the other one not. There’s absolutely nothing obscene or dirty about it. Both male and females have breasts, and the nipple is anatomically the same from both sexes. Allowing women the right to publicly expose their breasts would also help normalize them and lessen their association with sex. It would also make it easier for women to use their breasts for their primary purpose and public breastfeeding. Just 100 years ago it was considered “public indecency” if a woman exposed her ankles, so maybe one day it will be seen as socially acceptable for women to expose their chests.”

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