Tent Domination

In preparation for my first Burning Man in August, I have started to inventory my survival/camping supplies and testing my outdoor skills. First up was seeing if I could remember how to set up the tent a friend gave me. It has been ten years since the last time and, once I figured out that the poles go on the top instead of the bottom, the rest was fairly simple.

As I laid inside this tent glancing around at everything looking for any holes, issues with the stitching or bends in the zippers, I let my mind wonder to what most people think of when they hear Burning Man (sex, costumes, and play). I considered stories in our society of people engaging in sex where the man exits, having ravaged and had his pleasure with his woman and leaving her to recover.

I have to conscientiously twist my brain against the societal norms for gender, sexual roles. Men have their needs, yes, but we women do, too. We crave to have our deep, primal sexual urges and needs met. Our hungers can be as ravenous as any man’s. There is absolutely no reason why after any sexual encounter, women cannot be the one to exit the tent first, licking her salty lips, pleasurable grin on her face, and still slightly out of breathe from the mutual pleasures.



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