There Once Was a Girl

There once was a girl
who saw all things of beauty –
She laughed and she danced,
sang songs so truly.

She wanted to cook,
create, fully live.
But she was told, “No!
You’ve no gift to give!”

She cried and she hid
always hating herself.
Until one day…
she heard Sifu say,

“You are free to just be,
don’t listen to others.
You don’t need permission.
-Watch out for those fuckers!”

She took that and got mad
at lies she’d been told;
All based on others’ angers
from stories they too were sold.

She began to unfold
all the layers that choked;
Embracing the good,
her inner voice she would hold.

She fought along the way
against those who said no,
Until she reached a place
where everything was a go.

Now this girl dances,
and sings and spars –
She creates stories and foods,
has her head with the stars.

Her children are there, too,
creative and free.
Coloring walls, coding clouds
where they all choose to be.


Author’s Note:

I wrote this piece in November of last year and it was a great realization to have discovered I can create whoever I want to be. I am choosing to publish it here for the blog’s one-year anniversary. And with this act, I am considering this to be my final piece on this blog. I’m not sure why, but I feel my work here is done.

I had set out to do something; not knowing exactly what that something would be. I just had this great desire to share what I have experienced and learned, and to share my perspective. I don’t have any answers for anybody, only for myself. I have talked about love, life, and death; pain, struggle, and thriving, and all sorts of topics in between. I have not shared everything, but have shared much.

Thank you, everybody, for having spent a moment with me.

Aimee Cabrera



4 thoughts on “There Once Was a Girl

  1. Dear Aimee,

    Thanks for the great poem, and for all you’ve shared on this blog. It’s a bit sad to hear you won’t be posting anymore, but in any endeavor like this, where you’re putting out a lot of emotional energy, and being vulnerable (not to mention the time commitment of writing and editing), you have to listen to your heart and gut when they tell you it’s time to do something else. I’m sure your audience, family and friends will respect that, as I do.

    Thank you for giving me a space here to share my story-it may interest you to know that I’ve shared it directly with a friend of mine who is starting a life coaching practice, as well as pointing a number of people toward this blog to read it.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts-your poem feels a bit like a culmination of part of your journey, and you’ll continue on your path, carrying these memories and experiences with you.

    I shall see you at school, and I hope that your faraway readers will continue to see you with the eye of their heart, and wish you well always.

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