Embracing Our New Reality


Photo #1 of 3 – Original photo of sunflower and other plants along patio fencing…

Sometimes, we wake up and life is a little gloomy. Life has thrown us a curve ball and our reality has changed. We might cry. We might get mad. We might worry some.
IMG_2428 Boosted

Photo #2 of 3 – ‘Enhanced’ photo of sunflower and other plants along patio fencing…

We may want to pull the covers over our eyes and look at our reality a little differently. Change the colors. Change the sharpness. Create a little fairy tale version to avoid the new reality thrust upon us. And that is actually okay. Go ahead and take a moment to acknowledge the events, admit our humanity, breathe it all in, and rest for a spell.

Photo #3 of 3 – Red foliated cotton plant growing its second leaves…

But I encourage us to not stay there for too long. Let’s peek out from under the covers and haze of the respite. Breathe in the new reality and look around. Let’s test out our new legs, our new heart, our new mind. We will find them to be stronger, if we choose it. And we will find in our changed environment many things which will still be beautiful, and full of promise and hope. We will find that it is still us there; slightly weathered with life, growing wiser and ever stronger in our new us.


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