Inform Inspire Change... Starts with Me

Bio: I created this page on Sunday, June 8, 2014. In actuality, it started a few years ago, back in January 2011. I just did not know it at the time… I was in Bradenton, Florida, sitting in a room with my step-dad a few days before he passed on to his “next.” Here was a man with death caressing him, whispering in his ears, his body ever so fragile. Barely able to move and unable to speak, this man, who (together with my mother) was both so great and so terrible in my life, held in his mind the many reasons for why my tumultuous childhood was the way it was. I panicked a little at the realization of the questions I would never get answered. But I also wondered about all of the great things he may have done or things left unsaid. What were they? What were his happiest thoughts? What tortured his mind and kept him up at night? What were his unspoken dreams? Did he have any regrets? What was he most proud of? What would be his mark on this world? This man had been in my life since I was eleven years old, yet I felt that I did not really know him. So after three months of having been “virtually” kidnapped by my siblings via a fake Facebook account, I finally stepped forward into world of social media so that I could leave my story behind. 1/12/2011 “_____ & ____ kidnapped me online and made me a fake account. Not willing to "come out" yet and reveal to all that it's me...” 1/17/2011, 11:33pm “I know, I know. It's so odd. I'm in FL because my step-dad is in hospice and I just felt this need to be known for who I am and that _____ & ____ are my kids. And here I am doing it through Facebook. Is that stupid?” 1/17/2011, 11:42pm “Thanks. I'm just wasting time right now until I get sleepy enough to stress over him, so I'm stalking family and friends sending friend requests. I feel like such a total dork.” (I am redacting “real” people in my blog for now as a courtesy to their privacy.) What has transpired in my life these recent years has been nothing short of amazing. Through my martial arts studies, the challenges that my Sifu has put me through, and the sharing of stories, struggles, and insights with family and friends on Facebook, I have developed the strength to finally work on the issues from my childhood and the traumas I put myself through as an adult because of my lack of awareness. Issues that had haunted me for years, affected the choices I made, and suppressed me from becoming the person I already was as a child. This page is really a dedication to all of humanity’s struggles, not just mine. Whether it is sexual abuse, neglect, emotional and psychological abuse, depression, mental illness, suicide, bullying, sexual identity, poverty, oppression, lack of self-esteem or self-awareness, or any number of other issues, these affect us all individually and as a whole. We are all connected to each other. And that is the truly wonderful thing about this journey! Nobody is ever truly alone. We all share in our struggles, our joys, our successes, our failures, and in our search. And it is in the sharing of our stories that helps to tear down the walls of guilt and shame. It is in the understanding of self and others that helps us to become compassionate, loving, and fully alive in our complete being. When we have become strong enough to share our stories, it gives us the strength to love, to become compassionate, to learn to trust, and to be truly intimate. At least such has been my experience and why I have chosen to “come out” and continue my journey in an even more public setting than Facebook; to continue to inspire, strengthen, and evolve myself, and to share what I experience and learn along the way. So, let’s talk...

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